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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.
In the Matrix with Matthew

Matthew and Nikki Meyers on addiction, coming home, and fashion…

From humble beginnings a beautiful friendship grows. Matthew and friend Nikki Meyers, renowned yoga teacher and founder of Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR), took some time at the Yoga Journal Game Changer Conference in Estes Park, Colorado to share stories about life and what can happen when a simple line finally rings true. Nikki Myers developed… Read More

Our Work in the World

What our trainees have to say…

Since we opened the doors in 2002, we’ve trained more than 700 yoga teachers in our Opening Yoga program.  They come from around the world seeking new ways to teach adaptive yoga.  What they discover is a whole lot more.  At the close of each training, we ask them to choose one word that describes… Read More

Sit Up Straight and Tall

Let Your Spine Lead…

and your head recede. “Your spine matters. It actually houses your life force and distributes it. Your brain tries to organize it. Your spine actually has it…. ” With these fundamental insights, Matthew guides today’s centering in the body from inside to out. He also shares some essential truths about the space around you… Recorded in… Read More

Experience an Adaptive Yoga Class

Matthew Sanford teaches our Friday adaptive class

Real students. Real Assistants. Real Humanity disguised as yoga… Watch a full adaptive yoga class in all its beautiful, unscripted, glory. Matthew guides our Friday Adaptive class at the Mind Body Solutions’ studio. After class, we caught a few students and assistants on camera and asked for their reactions. Filmed in the MBS Studio September… Read More