Opening Yoga Level I/ II Combined Workshop - Mind Body Solutions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.



This workshop combines the full course content of Levels I and II in a week-long intensive with Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions faculty. This week of experiential learning explores how adapting yoga is more than simply learning to modify the asana.  It is a journey of self-discovery. Based on the universal principles of yoga, our training emphasizes teaching the experience of poses rather than their physical performance.  Discover how inward awareness, reference and adjustments, and use of props and alignment opens the subtlety of the mind-body relationship.  Then, using more complex poses such as inversions, back bends, and twists, learn how to teach activation through the inner body without overt muscular movement.  The week’s learning is enhanced by the presence of Mind Body Solutions adaptive yoga students throughout the course.


General Workshop Agenda…

Monday 9am-12:30pm – Morning Class, Insights about Adaptive Yoga  //   break   // 1:30pm-5:00pm – Universal Principles of the Asana: Reference and Adjustments, Adapting Standing Poses

Tuesday 9am-12:15pm – Morning Practice, Panel Discussion with Adaptive Students  //   break  //  1:15pm-5:30pm – Adapting Seated and Restorative Poses

Wednesday 9am-12:30pm – Morning Practice,  Adaptive Yoga Class  //   break   // 1:30-5pm – Starting an Adaptive Class discussion – Intro to Level II

Thursday 9am-12:30pm – Morning Practice,  Adapting Inversions  //    break   //  1:30-5pm –  Core Activation and Adapting Twists – Discussion

Friday 9am-1:00pm/ – Morning Practice, Sequencing Activities  //  break  //  2:00pm- 4pm – Sequencing and Application, Discussion, Closing Activity

The dates…

April 20-24, 2020 | Rescheduled due to Covid-19

September 28 – October 2, 2020 | Register Here

November 9-13, 2020Register Here


Cancellation Policy: All refund requests must be made in writing to MBS. A refund, minus a $100 processing fee will be made for requests made by the first day of the workshop. General Workshop Information FAQ