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Deepen your study with the Opening Yoga Instructor Certificate.

As the preeminent teacher of Adaptive Yoga, Mind Body Solutions offers you an invitation to take your learning to the next level. Our Opening Yoga Instructor (OYI) Certificate is a unique continuing education program designed for yoga teachers and healthcare providers who wish to further their studies under the mentorship of MBS senior faculty. 


Based on the life experience of founder Matthew Sanford, our groundbreaking approach is world-renowned. OYI graduates are able to teach people throughout the entire arc life including people living with neurological deficit, those suffering with PTSD, mental health conditions, children, elderly, and people nearing the end of life.  Through individual writing and reflection assignments, guided conversations with your faculty mentor, and working one-to-one with a student, you will gain insights into teaching students of any ability and into your own practice as well. 


Prerequisite: Attendance at the Opening Yoga Level I/II Combination Course 


As an OYI Certificate Graduate, you will enjoy:


OYI Certificate candidates gain unparalleled insight into the nature of trauma, loss and disability while employing a method that derives from universal principles of the asana.  Be part of this unique group of teachers who are recognized for their exceptional diligence, creativity, and commitment to furthering the principles of yoga as they apply to people of all abilities.

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