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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.

Pose of the Month

Each month we explore asana, yogic principles, and other aspects from our teachings.

“Tilling” of Tadasana by MaryPat FitzPatrick

Gardening and yoga have a lot in common: They’re learning experiences Choose a stable and spacious environment Timing is important You need to start small Don’t expect too much too soon Growth may be vulnerable so you must tend and nourish Rotate to stay healthy They’re both rewarding The similarities between the two are many…. Read More

Holding Steady… by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

In asana, we can feel movement in static poses and stillness in dynamic ones. The common denominator is the experience of an overall presence or a recognition of all the spaces in one’s body. We encourage harmony between those spaces. Through these poses, we steadily settle into ourselves, embracing constancy. Anyone who has practiced yoga alongside… Read More

When the world gets smaller, we EXPAND! By Mary Pat FitzPatrick

Without the ability to expand, bridges wouldn’t have flexibility in their structure, a cobra wouldn’t look fearsome when facing a predator, an expectant mother couldn’t accommodate her developing baby, minds couldn’t step away from ego to embrace the unknown, and yoga asana would not experience its full potential. Expansion requires a base and a sense… Read More

Mind Body Love

Yoga asana practice has been compared to many things. Developing an asana practice has been compared to peeling back the outer covering and layers of an onion, marveling in the process, eventually revealing the interior core. A more romantic asana likeness may be seen in the patient and organic growth of a blooming flower. While… Read More

Pose of the Month: Comfort vs Uncertainty by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

It takes only a little experience to learn there is not much in life we can totally control. We all live with “uncertainty” in some measure. We may be keenly aware, and even accepting, of the unpredictability in our own lives, but we should also be mindful of the apprehension that may arise in some… Read More

Pose of the Month: Gratitude for Marla!

This month we want to celebrate Marla Bookhout!  She has been a steadfast presence at MBS for many years and is starting a “new beginning” of her own. On August 26, Marla taught her last yoga class at YCR and the first week of October she and her family start another new beginning in their… Read More

Pose of the Month: Svadhyaya by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

Svadhyaya is a Sanskrit term meaning self-study. Sva means the self, or the human soul, and Adhyaya means one’s own reading, or lesson. In the simplest terms, svadhyaya means observing the layers of the self and gradually becoming aware of who is doing the watching. One begins by studying the outer layer, or the physical body and its actions. The next observation is… Read More

Uniting Our Responsibility by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

Everyone has experienced flashing someone a smile or imparting a kind word and receiving a cheerful response. Maybe you motioned someone ahead of you in line at the grocery store or onto the Metro Mobility bus. From such simple acts of kindness, both the giver and receiver gain joy that can be contagious. Conversely, one… Read More