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The teachers on this page have completed a specialized MBS curriculum and earned an OYI designation. Are you a yoga teacher who has previously attended Opening Yoga Level I/II? Learn more about our Opening Yoga Instructor certificate program here.


Michael AmyMichael Amy – MSPT, RYT, OYI / Rochester, NY

Michael is a Physical Therapist in the Rochester (NY) City School District, working with individuals of all ages and abilities for the past 17 years, incorporating the principles of yoga with his students since discovering MBS and completing OYI instruction. Michael discovered his passion for yoga at Open Sky Yoga Center studying with senior teacher Francois Raoult where he currently teaches various workshops, traditional, and back care classes.  In addition to Mind Body Solutions OYI certification, Michael has expanded his studies with Anatomy Trains Tom Myers, Pranayama with Richard Rosen, and restorative yoga with Judith Lasater and is a certified Relax and Renew ® trainer.  Michael synthesizes his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neuromuscular function and the core principles of yoga, breath, and mindfulness to help yoga students and physical therapy clients discover their inner sense of freedom and a sense of well-being. 585-451-3851 / /


Jodette BentleyJodette Bentley – RYT, OYI / Glastonbury, CT

Jodette’s introduction to yoga began when she was 10 years old when her mother was receiving certification training with Ruth Bender.  In 2011, Jodette was in an accident and turned to yoga as a gentle aid to recovery.  The work of stretching, strengthening, and alignment turned out to be the key to recovery.  It was at that point that she understood that yoga could be much more than an exercise program.  She found Mind  Body Solutions and knew it was the place to expand her knowledge. With 200 RYT and OYT training, her goal is to choreograph movement, breath, and mindfulness to each student’s unique needs.



Lisa Bidgood – OT, RYT, OYI  /  Sydney, Australia  

Lisa found the “yoga bug” after realizing how the practice helped her achieve much needed personal balance. As an Occupational Therapist working in Rehabilitation for over a decade, it was a chance discussion with one of her patients four years ago that changed her life. Following the completion of her RYT 200 certification, Lisa has made several trips to Minneapolis to work with the MBS team. Curiously passionate about yoga, she will always be a student of the practice and is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared.  She draws on this experience for inspiration to ensure her classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt! She currently teaches in several NSW Health centres, veterans from the Australian Defence Force and other disability services within the city. She seeks to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind, and soul with yoga and meditation. /


Ellen Boschwitz, Opening Yoga InstructorEllen Boschwitz – RYT, OYI / Minneapolis, MN

Ellen has always been physically active but only started doing yoga around age 70. As its remarkable benefits to body, mind, and spirit renewed her energy and zest for life, she began to think about deepening her knowledge of yoga and teaching yoga to “my generation of older folks” as she says. Ellen obtained her 230-hour teacher’s certificate and volunteered at Sojourn Adult Daycare Center helping with chair yoga. In 2016 and 2017, she completed Matthew Sanford’s workshops at Mind Body Solutions and in 2018, completed her OYI teacher certificate. Ellen volunteers as an adaptive yoga assistant at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and has experience teaching chair yoga as well as guiding a private practice with a handicapped family friend. Ellen says about her yoga practice, “Yoga is a journey of learning including what I learn by teaching. It’s also a gift to share because its reward is discovery of the true self and inner peace.” / 612-804-7605


Dara BrownDara Brown – MPH, E-RYT 500, OYI / Columbia, SC

Dara has worked in health and fitness for her whole career. She has been a student and teacher of yoga for over 20 years and discovered adaptive yoga by an act of fate. Since then, she has successfully created and sustained a public community class for over 5 years. Dara has also taught individual lessons and makes visits to hospitals when requested. Dara had the honor of talking about what she learned in the early years of teaching adaptive yoga in a TEDx talk. She knows that this work will always be a part of what she does and informs not only her work with adaptive students but everyone she comes in contact with. /


Margaret CallahanMargaret Callahan – E-RYT,  OYI / Kennewick (Tri-Cities), WA

Margaret began her yoga journey many years ago and began teaching the ancient practice in 2000. She hopes to bring awareness, healing, and amazement to her students using her holistic understanding of the body and the core principles of Matthew Sanford’s Opening Yoga program. She believes yoga should and can be accessible to every body. Margaret is a retired occupational therapist, a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), a Yoga for Scoliosis trainer through Elise Miller, and a Relax and Renew trainer through Judith Lasater, in addition to her OYI certificate. / 509 528-3475


Julie Fournier OYIJulie Fournier – E-RYT, OYI / Seattle, WA

Julie became a certified yoga teacher in 2013 after spending twelve years abroad doing international development work. She found in yoga a set of principles and tools that helped her become more compassionate and resilient and a powerful way to connect with and help others. Julie started working with individuals living with disability and chronic illnesses as a volunteer before joining three other MBS trained instructors to form Adaptive Yoga Northwest (AYNW), a group providing adaptive yoga instruction in the Seattle area. Julie offers group classes and private sessions in which she weaves self-reflection, breath, gentle movement, and poetry. Julie sees yoga as a pathway towards overcoming adversity and living more fully. She is grateful to her students (who include very beginners and those near the end of life) and to her teachers for all the wisdom they share day after day. Contact:, (206) 631-1400,


Kerri Hanlon – OYI / Conshohocken, PA

Kerri believes the heart of a yoga practice is the art of acceptance, of ourselves and others. It’s her belief that yoga is for everyone – all ages, all abilities, all body shapes and sizes – that sparked her to partner with Maura to open Yoga Home. She is passionate about bringing Adaptive Yoga to the Philadelphia region, and credits her son, Sean, with being her inspiration. Kerri also serves as an Ambassador for Lululemon, King of Prussia and is a Board Member at the HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy.


sarah henderson new headshotsmSarah Henderson – M-HYI, OYI, HYT / Charlotte, NC

Sarah’s road to becoming an adaptive yoga teacher began when she was 3 years old when her sister Hannah was born with Down syndrome. Living as a sibling of a person with a disability gave her a passion for society becoming more inclusive for people of all abilities. She worked for many years with children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families as a resource coordinator. After a few years as a yoga teacher, Sarah’s passions merged and she began studying adaptive yoga. She believes the yoga mat is accessible to everyone and is inspired by supporting students of all abilities in finding their personal yoga practices. She teaches classes, workshops, retreats, and private sessions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her favorite student of all time is her sister, whose favorite pose is Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana) / 704-906-8727


Mary Higgs / photo by Sarit Z Photography

Mary Higgs – MA, RYT, OYI / Manhattan, KS

Mary’s yoga journey began after surviving a devastating car accident when she was 19 years old. She was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury and told she would never walk again. Before the wreck, Mary was an athlete, lifeguard, cheerleader, and dancer/choreographer with dreams of becoming a professional choreographer on Broadway. By some miracle and year-long physical therapy, Mary relearned to walk again with the aid of foot orthotics but longed to reclaim parts of herself lost in the car accident. Everything changed 32 years later when she tried yoga and began customizing poses for her body. Developing a passion for yoga and becoming an Adaptive and Accessible Yoga Teacher transformed Mary’s life in unexpected ways. Mary loves sharing her yoga journey and message that yoga is for everyone. She has published pieces in Yoga InternationalDevata Active, Yoga & Body Image Coalition Newsletter, and Mind Body Solutions’ All-Humanity Newsletter. As a YogaWorks RYT 200 and certified Accessible Yoga Teacher, Mary specializes in Adaptive Chair Yoga. Her inclusive mission is to break down barriers to yoga and teach to underserved populations. As a life-long learner and educator, Mary brings an open, fun, compassionate vibe to her adaptive classes. When she isn’t teaching or practicing yoga, Mary is an online English Instructor for Butler Community College in Kansas. She has trained with Matthew Sanford, Jivana Heyman, Alexandria Crow, Dianne Bondy, Amber Barnes, and Jessa Voos. She has completed her YogaWorks RYT 200 Teacher Training and Barre Training in 2017 with Jessa Voos. In 2018, she completed Yoga For All certification with Dianne Bondy and Amber Barnes, and Mind Body Solutions Opening Yoga Instructor certification. Mary is a Yoga & Body Image Coalition community partner and an Accessible Yoga Ambassador. For more on her adaptive yoga, visit Mary’s website at


Bethany Hutchinson – RYT, OYI / Minneapolis, MN

Bethany is a yoga practitioner with a deep appreciation of the transformative power of body, mind and spirit — for anyone and everyone. She has a rich background in movement, with a degree in theater, years of experience in coaching children’s gymnastics as well as working with people with disabilities, here and abroad. Her yoga practice was sparked by her pre-natal classes in anticipation of her first child (now 10) and has continued through her personal practice and 230 and 500-hour teacher training with Devanadi Yoga. Bethany has studied with Matthew Sanford since 2015. She has also completed restorative teacher training, Mind Body Solutions Level 1/2 and Advanced Studies. She has also participated in Body. Mind. Story. Bethany is very committed to sharing the mission of MBS. She aspires to provide a class experience that is rooted in the idea that practice, collaboration, community, and self-care are the seeds to living a more compassionate and purposeful life. / 612-508-2506


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 Chanell Jaramillo –  PhD, E-RYT, OYI  / Omaha, NE

With her background in psychology, transformative coaching, spirituality, and holistic modalities, Channell’s approach to yoga is one of self-honorance, commitment, and purposeful exploration of one’s life journey on and off the mat. As a devout practicioner, it is always her goal to help each student feel safe in all of her clases while encouraging her students to be open to the power of yoga as a mind, body, and spirit practice. With an extensive background in holistic therapies and mental health, she puts much emphasis on whole health personally and professionally. Chanell is the rehabilitation yoga practitioner for Quality Living, Inc. – the leading spinal cord and traumatic brain injury center in Omaha. She offers adaptive yoga classes, private sessions, and teacher/practitioner adaptive workshops. Contact:  402-689-0905.


IMG_0777Lu Milius – RYT 300 Inner Power Yoga, R.R. Shakti, OYI  / Lincoln, NE

Lu has 17 years of yoga experience and 9 years as a yoga teacher. Lu currently teaches adaptive yoga at Lincoln Yoga Center. Her approach is that the body is always in a true natural state of wholeness. Lu’s approach is to assist in awakening the energy within as the body’s whole self is revealed. Lu also has certifications in Restorative yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater method, and in Interoceptive trauma yoga, from the trauma center in Boston. Lu is also a certified facilitator for Eat Breathe Thrive. Lu is a retired Nurse Practitioner. She enjoys reading, gardening, and nature. She spends her free time with family and especially her twelve grandchildren. 402-450-7695


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Lisa Moore – OYI / Santa Fe, NM

Lisa leads individuals, groups and institutions in the exploration of movement, meditation, poetry and embodiment as a means of healing, empowerment and growth. Her skill set spans a broad spectrum, both in life and the arts. With a playful authenticity, Lisa assists her students in the discovery of different ways of being in relationship to their experiences and bodies. In this place many things are possible. Lisa is a certified yoga teacher with a certificate in adaptive yoga through Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka Minnesota. She is the author of the award-winning book, Grace Leads, I Follow Poems of Trauma and Transformation. Additionally, she is a vocalist performing in several music ensembles in her hometown of Santa Fe. She holds a BA in Theater. For more information about Lisa and her work visit her website:


Terri Whitesong headshotTerri Whitesong – MMT, RYT, OYI / Randolph, MN

To find relief for physical tension related to auto accident injuries she incurred at age 20, Terri wandered into her first yoga class in her late 40’s. Wanting to learn more about how yoga works and how to get more out of her own yoga practice, twelve years later Terri ventured into a 200-hour yoga instructor course and unexpectedly re-birthed her past experience as a music teacher into a new passion for teaching yoga.  Then Terri waltzed into adaptive yoga instructor training through Mind Body Solutions to better understand her own mind-body connections and quickly realized her former skills as a music therapist had shifted into fun-loving creativity as an Opening Yoga Instructor. Terri brings intuitiveness, adaptability, playfulness and joy to her yoga practice.  Terri’s focus as an Opening Yoga Instructor is nurturing mind-body relationships within self, with others, with our earthly home, with outcomes of calmness, compassion, deep peace and an insatiable sense of humor about life. / 507-645-5010



Kristen Wilson  RYT, OYI

Kristen Wilson is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and founder of My Piece of Yoga. She is a barefoot-loving, animal-adoring, rule-breaking country girl who enjoys helping others feel more whole and at home in their bodies. She is passionate about working with people who just want to be seen and validated – people who want to know that their personal experience is important and valuable. Kristen has studied many styles of yoga and likes to weave in a variety of techniques. She began her own yoga journey as a purely active pursuit, but her practice has evolved beyond physical achievement into a slow, enjoyable, and exploratory practice filled with curiosity and appreciation with an emphasis on exploring sensation. Because of her own personal experiences, Kristen enjoys working with people who share an interest in exploring the mind-body relationship but who may be struggling to connect due to an eating disorder, body image issue, or depression, anxiety, and other mood-related concerns. Shape, size, ability, or condition are never a hindrance, but are enhanced and celebrated through the practice of yoga. She can be reached by emailing


Melissa Kramer

Melissa is a physical therapist in Kalamazoo, Mi working with individuals with varied abilities specializing in neurologic diagnoses. She has practiced in this setting for 5 years. She uses the power of breath and awareness of the subtle body for students to achieve freedom and peace within their bodies. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years and teaches a weekly community class geared toward individual with neurologic diagnoses. She is grateful for the opportunity to complete MBS training in 2019 and Opening Yoga Certification in 2020 with the support of her employer. She is looking forward to expanding her outreach to the greater West Michigan areas in yoga studios and community spaces. Contact: or 517-526-1148