Adaptive Yoga - Mind Body Solutions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.



At Mind Body Solutions, we teach EVERY BODY…the benefits of yoga are waiting for all of us!

Our founder Matthew Sanford has pioneered an approach that teaches universal principles inherent to yoga poses that are accessible to all students, regardless of their level of ability.

Our groundbreaking program Opening Yoga to Everyone emphasizes the experience within poses, not simply their physical accomplishments. Dynamic awareness moves through the mind-body relationship both WITH and WITHOUT muscular action.  This truth opens yoga to everyone and we know how to teach it to students and teachers alike!




Here are some practical benefits from practicing yoga:

What some our students have to say:

“Yoga has made me more flexible, stronger.  Before yoga, I didn’t think to use my legs to help me transfer out of my wheelchair.  Now, I push down on them and transferring is easier.”

Beth Rosenberger / adaptive yoga student


“My energy is like an adversary that I’ve learned to live with but I always know it’s there, constantly moving through me. At times it feels like another living organism is in my body impeding my progress.  After class and for a couple of days, the energy is almost totally centralized and manageable, now radiating directly from my spine. I’m totally grounded and my posture is the best it will be all week.”

Zach Johnson / adaptive yoga student