Rob Ley - Mind Body Solutions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.

Rob Ley

Director, Business Strategy

Rob Ley is a marketing professional and a passionate backer of Mind Body Solutions.He’s been an adaptive yoga student here since 2008, after getting “squished” as he puts it, in a motor scooter accident. That event provided Rob with a spinal cord injury, an introduction to MBS, and a completely new outlook on life.Rob credits his association with Mind Body Solutions with a big part of his transformation, particularly with perceptions about his own healing. He especially values the expert and comfortable atmosphere he found while becoming more acquainted with his new body. After over 25 years in the big agency world, including Campbell Mithun and Carlson Marketing, Rob now awakes each morning thankful to be contributing to the lives of people very much like himself.