Amy Samson-Burke - Mind Body Solutions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.

Amy Samson-Burke

Director, Programs, Yoga Instructor

Amy, a practicing Physical Therapist since 1990, enjoys the road less traveled, always seeking an alternate path to the medical model of healing. Recognizing a need to live more deeply, Amy began practicing yoga in 2000. She has recently completed her Professional Yoga Therapist Certification. The twists and turns in Amy’s life have illustrated to her the profound transformational effect and healing power of yoga. This led her first to assisting in Matthew’s Courage Center class in 2007, then becoming progressively involved in the daily workings of MBS in program development and coordination, teaching adaptive yoga, and running the MBS Opening Yoga and Health Care Provider workshops. Amy is passionate about taking care of caregivers and has been a key player in the MBS vision to pioneer mind-body engagement programs in the health care setting. Amy is deeply honored to do this work and knows that we are only getting started. Amy lives joyfully in Minneapolis with her two teenagers and a big yellow dog.