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Embodying Compassion

Featuring Krista Tippett, Matthew Sanford, and MPR’s Cathy Wurzer 

December 13th •  7PM St.Kate’s University • Free and open to the public  • Limited Seating

Compassion is a lofty virtue, one that makes the world a better place.  In practice, true compassion is much more difficult and challenges our humanity.  In this year’s live dialogue Sanford and Tippett explore the underlying nature of compassion and the integral role that the body plays in both experiencing and sharing it. They will also explore the application of compassion to other contexts, including healthcare, the dying process, and human touch. The goal of the evening is to bring compassion out of the clouds and into our bodies.


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Mind Body Dialogues III; Embodied Compassion, moderated by Cathy Wurzer of Minnesota Public Radio’s Morning Edition, will follow the central concept of how compassion plays an integral role our relationships, our healing, and our own experience of daily living.

This year’s event begins at 7 p.m. at Rauenhorst Ballroom, located in the Coeur De Catherine Student Center on the university’s St. Paul campus. Free and open to the public, the evening is sponsored by Health Partners, Mind Body Solutions and St. Catherine University’s Holistic Health Studies Program.

Both Tippett’s and Sanford’s careers are steeped in the underlying nature of compassion. Sanford weaves his vision and personal experience into his writing and teaching on compassion, while Tippett draws upon the collective wisdom of her “On Being” radio show guests to deconstruct how we understand it. Their work has established both a health movement and a series of meaningful conversations, respectively. Each is reframing how the healing power of compassion strengthens our humanity.

Sanford and Wurzer are familiar faces on stage. In 2014, they launched the “Dialogues” series with friend and former St.Thomas dean, Dr. Bruce Kramer, in front of an overflow crowd of more than 1,000. Their discussion focused on living well in a difficult body (Kramer was diagnosed with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, in late 2010). The following year, local author, playwright, and humorist Kevin Kling joined the pair to showcase the importance of story in healing the mind and the body.

The audience for this year’s Dialogue can expect provocative questions – and answers –  from the trio. Together, they will deconstruct the typical notions of compassion and teach the audience how to recognize how it can heal in our lives. The conversation, led by Wurzer, will showcase Tippett’s wisdom and experience with Sanford’s extraordinary vision and insight. It promises to be a night that brings out the best of our humanity.

Mind Body Dialogues is an ongoing series of public forum, moderated conversations. Like in both previous years,  the forum will be rebroadcast on Minnesota Public radio and Twin Cities Public Television. 

December 13th, 7PM •  FREE & Open to the Public  •  Limited Seating