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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.

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WHAT’S THE KISS MY ASANA YOGATHON?   It’s a week-long event where yogis from around the world do and share what they love – yoga – to help support the life-changing work of our non-profit organization, Mind Body Solutions. In February, yogis commit to raising resources and awareness for MBS by committing to a week of dedicated yoga.

WHAT’S MIND BODY SOLUTIONS?  We’re a small, MN-based non-profit. We work to transform the lives of those living with trauma, loss, and disability. Many of our students have spinal cord injury,  MS, ALS,  CP, PTSD, neurological deficit, or a variety of chronic illnesses, to name a few. But because of MBS, all have access to discover a different way to live, no matter what the physical condition. Our tag-line is “Humanity, disguised as yoga.” Quite simply, we help people feel better and that brings out the best in humanity…

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR BUSINESS?  First, you directly support life-changing work… but you are also reaching a highly targeted audience of yogis, health care professionals and health-conscious folks. Here are the numbers you’ll reach by supporting Mind Body Solutions and the yogathon:  3,500+ Newsletter subscribers. 2,600+ Facebook Followers, 1700+ Followers on Twitter & Instagram, & hundreds of yogathon participants.  Align your business and brand with an organization that spreads hope and inspires the community. Your customers will notice. MBS Supporters are highly engaged and opinion leaders in topics of wellness and yoga. Engage your employees in a unique, fun and healthful event. One of several available sponsorship packages will enable your business to show its support on printed material, online pledge pages, social media and live events. Your customizable, category-exclusive sponsorship will help us launch an event that is certain to grow larger in participation and awareness in the years to come. Please join us. It’s good for business and good for humanity.


DO $2,500

Prominent name and logo placement in or on: All event printed promotional posters and postcards and MBS Website with links to your business



SHARE $1000

Name and logo placement in or on: All event printed promotional materials and MBS Website with links to your business.



HELP $500

Name and logo placement on the MBS Website with links to your business



for more information,  contact Molly Bachman or  Kathy Dahl