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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.

Integrating Yogic Principles in the Delivery of Healthcare


“Directly engaging the mind-body component of disease respresents the greatest

untapped therapeutic opportunity in medicine.”


~ Ken Riff, MD & Healthcare strategist


Mind Body Solutions offers trainings for healthcare professionals in a wide variety of fields, including medical acute care, medical rehabilitation, mental health, eating disorders, and chemical dependency, and more.

In these customized workshops Matthew Sanford, award-winning pioneer of integrative medicine, and Amy Samson-Burke, PT, E-RYT500, CYT, will offer a practical exploration into the mind-body relationship, utilizing yogic principles as a guide. The goal is to enhance interactions in all contexts, on transforming the therapeutic relationship between caregiver and client, and applying this in a healthcare setting. In this way, both the client and the caregiver are nourished. Clients have improved outcomes and caregivers are more effective and engaged.

Explore how the ancient principles of yoga can be applied and used immediately in your professional practice. Topics may include the mind-body nature of disability, how utilizing a holistic approach nourishes both the client and the caregiver, establishing compassionate boundaries, principles of alignment, teaching the experience of a pose, subtle sensations in the body, resistance to change in the current healthcare model, and self-practice.

Ample time will be spent in the learning and practice of techniques that will be immediately applicable in the healthcare setting. Time may also be directed toward establishing a personal practice so providers will understand the effect of the principles they will be using in the clinical setting.

No yoga experience is required.


Potential Learning Objectives:


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“The mind-body practices are extremely powerful with clients,

helping them develop self-agency around their symptoms.” 


~ Mental Health Therapist