Our Approach - Mind Body Solutions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.


At Mind Body Solutions, we train healthcare professionals and organizations how to incorporate mind-body insights into everyday work life, both for themselves and for patients.

The result is a double bottom line effect:

In our proven approach, healthcare professionals experience increases in ability to manage stress, increased commitment to their profession and their employers, as well as improved quality of life. Here’s one example: Flinn Mind Body Integration


What’s different about our training?

Who do we train?

What will you learn?

Read what our clients say:

“I have witnessed a greater understanding and compassion among staff in the midst of the training and outside.  Feeling the support within the training has translated in our work environment… through  a supportive hand on the back.”

Therapist, Melrose Center for Eating Disorders

What our students say:

“The MBS approach invites the teacher into the student’s world, and in the space of that silence of meeting, meaning and action arrive to transform the teacher/therapist and student.  Healthcare is transformed in those cascading moments of meeting there.”

Matthew Taylor, PT, PhD.