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News, updates, and wisdom from our global community of Opening Yoga graduates, teachers, volunteers, and students.

Yoga for Everyone Celebrates Five Years!

  We are proud of Opening Yoga graduate, Dara Brown, and her adaptive yoga class in Columbia, SC for celebrating their 5th anniversary this past spring! Take a look at this video to see the short news clip about Dara and the group she founded, Yoga for Everyone.  

Weathering the Storm – by Annie Hickman

I was kayaking this past weekend, or at least supposed to be kayaking, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Storms rolled through most of the weekend and kept us from paddling all but a brief window Saturday morning. This was not island camping, which is what I normally do, but because of timing I did… Read More

Opening Yoga Grads Share Their Passions

Inspired by the month of love and passion, we asked our Opening Yoga graduates what stirs them deeply. Here’s what they had to say… “I’m passionate about learning.” ~ Carey Sims, North Carolina “I’m passionate about studying the human body and music. It’s one and the same. Exploring both results in expansion, rhythm and healing.”… Read More

Pushing Through the Door – By Annie Hickman

I found an opening this past week; I was at the Mayo Clinic doing a “brain boot camp” (my words) for movement disorders that involved intensive OT and PT for the full week.  3 ½ hours a day with a couple of other doctors sprinkled in, it was a draining yet hopeful experience.  After many… Read More

The Affordable Care Act • Medicaid Block Grants and the MBS Tribe

Dianne and Greg Johnson of Grand Rapids were excited to be expecting their first child back in 1984, when Dianne, a registered nurse, realized something wasn’t quite right. Eight weeks from her due date, she went into early labor and was rushed to Duluth, where she delivered the couple’s premature son. Zachary Johnson, at 3… Read More

Accessible Yoga Confernence – by Ana Killingstad

After 12 years of living in Minneapolis and working with Matthew at MBS, in 2013 I made a permanent move to Santa Barbara. Kathy hosted a going away party at her lovely house, and as I left, Matt hugged me, looked me in the eye and said, “You know you have a responsibility to continue… Read More

What our trainees have to say…

Since we opened the doors in 2002, we’ve trained more than 700 yoga teachers in our Opening Yoga program.  They come from around the world seeking new ways to teach adaptive yoga.  What they discover is a whole lot more.  At the close of each training, we ask them to choose one word that describes… Read More