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Our Work in the World

News, updates, and wisdom from our global community of Opening Yoga graduates, teachers, volunteers, and students.

Polly Posten: A Caretaker Facing End of Life With Grace…

Last year we introduced you to our latest offering, Living ‘til the End, a program that helps people facing end of life – and their caretakers – discover simple ways to find comfort, ease, and relief in this difficult period of life. Since we’re still in early days, we continue to raise awareness and work closely… Read More

Todd Dalberg: Changing the Story of Healthcare

In pursuing our mission of transforming trauma, loss and disability into hope and healing, we have come to learn that sharing practical mind-body practices in the healthcare sector deepens the reach of our work while creating a positive, lasting impact for patients and healthcare workers alike. Healthcare professionals who come from a range of specialties… Read More

Sarah Brindle: Providing Hope and Healing for Veterans

From the moment that Sarah Brindle first worked with veterans at a VA hospital during her graduate school studies, she knew she had found her calling. As a student of Counseling Psychology, Sarah was deeply interested in health psychology and found that working with veterans was complex and interesting, explaining that often medical and psychological… Read More

Transforming Dreams Into Realities by Terri Whitesong

Terri Whitesong, an adaptive yoga instructor and a graduate of our Opening Yoga training program, submitted this story about transformation and turning dreams into realities. For over 10 years, we have been using adaptive yoga with [my daughter] Steph at home, to help her reduce the symptoms of her cerebral palsy and calm her body. Vicki… Read More

Opening Yoga Trainee on Devata Podcast

We were happy to hear Mary Higgs, a Kansas-based yoga teacher and Opening Yoga graduate, featured on the Devata podcast! Tune in and listen to Mary talk about her journey from spinal cord injury to yoga teacher, and how she’s making yoga accessible to all. Listen here.

From the Accessible Yoga Blog: Alzheimer’s Disease & Yoga by Carey Sims

We love this recently published piece by Opening Yoga graduate, Carey Sims, on Alzheimer’s Disease and Yoga. The article was originally published by our friends over at Accessible Yoga, whose mission is to make yoga available to all by building a strong network and advocating for a diverse Yoga culture that is inclusive and welcoming…. Read More