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Our Work in the World

News, updates, and wisdom from our global community of Opening Yoga graduates, teachers, volunteers, and students.

Meet Trinity.

Trinity Hamilton is a study in mind/body contrasts; The physicality, precision and drive required of ballet and professional dance versus the adaptability, flexibility and cerebral mindset of a healthcare provider. She began dancing in daycare, convincing her compadres that she was taking ballet. Trinity pretended to be in the corps de ballet, looking both ways… Read More

Meet Judy…

Judy grew up in a tiny town in northern Illinois; her stepfather the local Lutheran Minister and her mother; tightly grafted to the village’s maternal grapevine, instantly aware of any rambunctious child’s indiscretions. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from UW Madison and has been working within the canon of western medicine for… Read More

Meet Kay & Mike…

Kay and Mike are both farm kids; more denim and flannel than spandex. Kay grew up on a dairy operation in central Wisconsin and Mike raised soybeans, corn, and beef in southcentral Minnesota. They are a down-to-earth, eyes-wide-open, couple, accustomed to hard work, together. They met while enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Stout campus…. Read More

Opening Yoga Instructor Highlight: Paul Richard

Ohio-based yoga teacher, Paul Richard, is a recent graduate of our Opening Yoga Instructor (OYI) certificate program and shared with us how his journey led him to MBS. Here’s his story:   It seems that my path in yoga was charted out before I even began my practice, and that path pointed directly toward serving… Read More

Living ’til the End: An update from Amy Samson-Burke, Director of Programs

Our program, Living ‘til the End, continues to serve a vital segment of our community that has limited access to mind-body practices: people who are nearing the end of life or living with serious, chronic conditions. Reaching this group has included sharing our innovative practices at gatherings large and small such as the Minnesota Hospice… Read More

Dad always said…

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked some of our yoga students what advice and wisdom they either heard from their dad or what they have shared with their own children or grandchildren. Here’s what they had to say:   “Base your decisions on what you know to be right not on what others say… Read More

How #YogaHelpsMe

This month, as we yogathon, we asked some of the folks and scholarship recipients of our Opening Yoga program how they share Yoga in their communities and answer how #YogaHelpsMe. Here’s what a few of them had to say: I’m Heather Monson from Massachusetts. I share yoga with individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. My MBS training… Read More

St. Louis, here we come!

MBS is excited for the opportunity to participate and present at the Accessible Yoga Conference from May 31 – June 2 in St. Louis! Our very own Programs Director, Amy Samson-Burke, will be presenting “Sharing Humanity:  Opening Yoga to People of All Abilities with Mind Body Solutions.” We’re also excited to see several Opening Yoga… Read More

Guided By Humanity

At MBS, we love to watch our work manifest through the passions of our Opening Yoga graduates who are unleashing humanity around the world in their own creative ways. This month, we would like to spotlight Guided By Humanity, a Colorado-based nonprofit founded by Mary Sims. Guided by values of compassion, inclusion, community, and connection,… Read More

Memories from Minnetonka by Christine Paul

As we look ahead to an exciting future of new possibilities and sharing our work further than ever before, we also want to pause and remember the stories that brought us to where we are today. MBS adaptive yoga teacher and faculty member, Christine Paul, recently shared some reflections following her final class at our… Read More