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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.

Experience an Adaptive Yoga Class

Full length yoga class videos

Kiss My Asana Yogathon Kick Off – All Humanity Yoga Class

Watch, feel, and practice with Matthew Sanford as he leads an All-Humanity Yoga Class at our 2015 Kiss My Asana Yogathon Kick-Off event. This unique and inspiring class invites all students, of all abilities to practice alongside each other. Filmed at Aria, Minneapolis – March 2015

Matthew Sanford leads Kiss My Asana All-Humanity Class

Experience an All-Humanity yoga class led by Matthew Sanford. In this special class and kick off to our annual Kiss My Asana Yogathon, see and feel how humanity is shared as ability and disability practice yoga together, shoulder to shoulder, in a chair or on a mat. Filmed at PAIKKA in St. Paul, MN  /… Read More

Matthew Sanford teaches our Friday Adaptive Class

Today’s class is all about the spine. Matthew teaches new ways to feel the sensation of expansion as it emanates from the spine through breath, movement, alignment and always through grounding.   Filmed at the MBS studio / September 2015

Matthew Sanford teaches our Friday adaptive class

Real students. Real Assistants. Real Humanity disguised as yoga… Watch a full adaptive yoga class in all its beautiful, unscripted, glory. Matthew guides our Friday Adaptive class at the Mind Body Solutions’ studio. After class, we caught a few students and assistants on camera and asked for their reactions. Filmed in the MBS Studio September… Read More