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What our trainees have to say…

Since we opened the doors in 2002, we’ve trained more than 700 yoga teachers in our Opening Yoga program.  They come from around the world seeking new ways to teach adaptive yoga.  What they discover is a whole lot more.  At the close of each training, we ask them to choose one word that describes their experience. Here’s what a few of them had to say… 



This training was inspirational beyond belief. I now have the courage to go out and bring this life-changing work to the people who need it most. Which is pretty much everyone.


This was my 2nd time going through this training. The first simply whet my apetitite. I had to come back for more. But aside from that, Matthew and his staff – all the yoga teachers – are incredible. It’s absolutely heartwarming.


It was simply a life-changing week for me – in a really unexpected and good way.


This week has me feeling like I can’t wait to go out and “find” the people I can touch with this work.  I “found” too, that we all share so much in common; no matter your physical ability – yoga can touch all levels.


Honestly, this was a very big week. So much to take in. I need to go home, get spread eagle on the floor and process it all.


I realize how much I don’t know… but that I can trust what I do…


There is really nothing else to say. My mind’s been blown wide open. It will be interesting to see how this experience will infuse my practice and my teaching.

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