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“Tilling” of Tadasana by MaryPat FitzPatrick

Gardening and yoga have a lot in common:
  • They’re learning experiences
  • Choose a stable and spacious environment
  • Timing is important
  • You need to start small
  • Don’t expect too much too soon
  • Growth may be vulnerable so you must tend and nourish
  • Rotate to stay healthy
  • They’re both rewarding
The similarities between the two are many. Some of us in northern climates may recall trying to lure spring by placing potted plants outside too early. Maybe we forgot to rotate crops or seeds, robbing the soil of nutrients. Or perhaps we gave up establishing a particular plant from impatience. And of course, we know all vegetation needs nourishment, air, space, and time to develop and grow, just like a yoga practice. Joe (pictured) is an experienced yoga student who deeply understands the value of having patience with his body. Once on the floor, it takes time for his body to receive a pose.  Joe knows he needs support beneath his head and knees to ensure a grounded base from which the pose grows. In time, his body relaxes, and his shoulders and legs settle. The soil is then tilled, conditions are right, and he can begin his active practice of Tadasana. Both a garden and a yoga pose must be cultivated. With attentive planning, with space and time, both a garden and a yoga pose unfold into genuine expressions of being.