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Pose of the Month

Pose of the Month: Gratitude for Marla!

This month we want to celebrate Marla Bookhout!  She has been a steadfast presence at MBS for many years and is starting a “new beginning” of her own. On August 26, Marla taught her last yoga class at YCR and the first week of October she and her family start another new beginning in their home in New Mexico!  Here are some memories:


“I’ve known Marla for over thirty years, and she has been a dedicated student of mine all those years. We met when our kids were babies, and we’ve shared the joys of parenthood. Marla is steady, dedicated and modest. She was (actually, she still is) my go-to person for anatomy questions during class. I was always ready to defer to her greater understanding of anatomy/kinesiology in class. As most of you know, she is a wonderful teacher, and we will miss her expertise and her joyful smile. I wish you all the best, Marla.” ~ William Prottengeier


“This is my memory of Marla; subbing for her class and knowing her students were really bummed and stoically and resignedly putting up with me. She is an incredibly gifted and beloved teacher who was gentle yet demanding and a woman of great character, integrity, and kindness. I love her. I just didn’t love trying to fill her teaching shoes. I mean bare feet.”  ~ Julie Riff