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Pose of the Month

Pose of the Month: Grandpasana by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

What do you get when you have a mound of: many toes teasing, seats setting, hands holding, fingers framing, muscles melting, skin softening, spines shifting, hearts heaving, eyes enlivening, and even a nookie nudging? We call it Grandpasana!

To help practice this very important pose with the grandkids, we share with you the Universal Principles of Grandpasana…

– Let them go out before calling them in.

– Get them to sit down, then they may down to go up.

– A lifted chest spread awareness through the body… and may keep limbs from finding their brothers’ limbs.

– Alignment may create an effortless way of keeping them from bumping into each other.

– Balance is a mind-body sensation, not just an accomplishment. However, keeping everyone balanced and happy is an accomplishment.

– Every grandchild moves in at least two directions at once.

– Gravity changes and base variations are expected components of robust brother and cousin relationships.

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