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Opening Yoga grad opens adaptive yoga studio in South Africa

Dale Guthrie, who studied with us in 2017, has taken the work back to her community in South Africa. As an occupational therapist with a passion for neurological and spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Dale realized that her medical training combined with her passion for yoga could help her develop practices for individuals living with injuries and disability.

In June 2018, Dale opened the doors of her new studio, Holism Health. While the studio is still in its infancy stages, she is working hard to build her student-base through private sessions and eventually will begin offering small group classes. For now, though, Dale says, “It has been quite a journey but I am so happy my doors are open and I can start making a difference.”

There’s a great article about Dale and her studio in this Rolling Inspiration article. It’s also worth noting that Dale was a scholarship recipient for the Opening Yoga Level I/II training, made possible by our generous donors! With these donations, we are able to provide scholarships to aspiring adaptive yoga teachers and enable them to share our work and mission all over the world!