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Mind Body Love

Yoga asana practice has been compared to many things. Developing an asana practice has been compared to peeling back the outer covering and layers of an onion, marveling in the process, eventually revealing the interior core. A more romantic asana likeness may be seen in the patient and organic growth of a blooming flower. While observing the innate movements of a baby, toddler, or household pet we may recognize the similarities of the asana: Happy Baby, Child’s Pose, Downward Facing Dog, and more.


Feeling especially love crazed this month, we explore

the similarities of asana and amor/amoré/amour:



Romantic Love:  Revel and Relax in Shared Space.Lying or seated side by side, back to back, or facing one another. Feeling harmony of spirit, and harmony of heart rhythm. With an open mind and heart, allow the pose to unfold.





Love at First Sight:  Foot in the Sacrum:

Two students in Dandasana, one in front of the other. One places their heel towards the base of the ohter’s sacrum and firmly presses in and slightly up. The receiving student may feel a sense of lightness and ease. Happiness immediately arises.



Unconditional Love:  Grounding.

Being on the giving or receiving end of “grounding”. Grounding may occur on the ankles, knees, hands, shoulders, etc. Even though nothing is expected in return, the boundary creates mutual expansion, extension, and possibly elation.




Love of Play:  Exploration

Unraveling and arranging asana. Noticing the effects on one’s mind and body. Attempting to move less while paying more attention to the breath. Having a “beginners mind”, open to all pose possibilities.




Love of Self: Savasana.  Enough Said

As a yoga practice matures and deepens with time and patience, so does love. It may be the love of an animal, the earth, a parent, friend, partner or other. As the brilliant Maya Angelou said, “Love recognizes no barriers.” Yoga, as well, recognizes no barriers.