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Memories from Minnetonka by Christine Paul

As we look ahead to an exciting future of new possibilities and sharing our work further than ever before, we also want to pause and remember the stories that brought us to where we are today. MBS adaptive yoga teacher and faculty member, Christine Paul, recently shared some reflections following her final class at our first home in Minnetonka. Christine writes, “Mind Body Solutions is moving to St. Louis Park. Twelve and a half years ago I found ‘home’ in this Minnetonka studio. Yesterday I stood here after my last class in this space. Tears drop. I’m both empty and full. Multiple emotions, sensations, and memories swell and swim through my body-mind. This is where it all started! I didn’t find yoga, yoga found me at Matthew’s book release. His presence and the way he moved was something I wanted to further explore and I followed him to MBS. In my third class with him a shift happened as I laid with my legs up the wall (viparita what????). Immediately calm set in. I felt safe in my body and had no pain. I didn’t know that space existed. My world shifted. I was inverted and my world was inverting before me. Trust was embodied from a space larger than me. I knew at a deep level this wasn’t the only time I would find myself in this space. I was hooked. I would come again and again. Yoga is now an integral part of me; much more than a physical practice. The depth of what I’ve learned is too deep and vast to easily put into words. The physical space may be gone but the energy of the studio and all the memories will always fully live within me. Home is internal rather than a physical place. I will follow my teachers to a new space; new journeys and experiences await me!”


An enormous thank you and lots of love to all of our wonderful and supportive students, teachers, trainees, volunteers, and friends. Over the years you have helped make our first home such a meaningful place that will forever be part of our story and hearts.