Living 'til the End: An update from Amy Samson-Burke, Director of Programs - Mind Body Solutions
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Living ’til the End: An update from Amy Samson-Burke, Director of Programs

Our program, Living ‘til the End, continues to serve a vital segment of our community that has limited access to mind-body practices: people who are nearing the end of life or living with serious, chronic conditions. Reaching this group has included sharing our innovative practices at gatherings large and small such as the Minnesota Hospice and Palliative Care Conference, Pathways, the ALS Association and support groups such as Lakeview Hospice Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group. Through personal referrals and caring organizations like these, we have had the honor of working with people who are living well through the late stages of Alzheimer’s, ALS, cancer, and a myriad of other conditions.
Sitting with humanity throughout the entire arc of life is part of what we do at Mind Body Solutions. In practice, this looks like teaching one participant‘s family to help relieve the jarring sensation of “falling through space” each time she got into bed. With gentle support on her back body, the process of lying down became a calming, rather than an agitating, experience. The simple practice of promoting better alignment brings smiles and sighs of relief for a woman who cannot move on her own. For many, the gentle introduction of rhythm helps them recall the sensation of walking and to feel a sense of comfort and relief in their body. Coming home to the body is powerful, and possible, at every stage of life.
If you know someone who would benefit from the Living ‘til the End program or would like a representative of MBS to come and speak with your group about this offering, please contact for more information.