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How #YogaHelpsMe

This month, as we yogathon, we asked some of the folks and scholarship recipients of our Opening Yoga program how they share Yoga in their communities and answer how #YogaHelpsMe. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

I’m Heather Monson from Massachusetts. I share yoga with individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. My MBS training helps me help them feel: peaceful and wholeness in their bodies!  

Jessica von Schlichten, C-IAYT, Trauma Informed and Adaptive Yoga Specialist, and owner at Mystic Lotus Yoga says, “Being able to continue my education with MBS has a profound impact on how I share the gift of yoga with all bodies. The accessibility gained through the principles of yoga, as Matthew explains them, is what allows my students to feel a concrete change in their mind-body experience. I am now currently training many teachers to add adaptive yoga techniques to their classes in hopes that more people will share and experience the profound gift that is yoga.”  

Catherine Campion from Minneapolis, MN shared this with us. “I teach senior & restorative yoga at neighborhood yoga and senior centers, and volunteer with Adaptive Yoga through MBS. My MBS training shifted my 30-year yoga practice in a whole new direction (inward!), reminding me that the work we do is primarily energetic.”  

And, this from Sarah Smith from Seattle, WA. “My name is Sarah Smith and I’m a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation resident physician in Seattle, WA. I share yoga with my patients. My MBS training has helped me see beyond the medicine and allowed me to assist my patients realize their bodies are more than just a diagnosis.”  

Last but not least, Gabrielle Chambliss shared, “I live in rural Minnesota, and offer yoga as self-care for my massage clients. My MBS training inspired connectivity, a quiet confidence, and pure joy! Thank YOU, MBS!!!!!”