Holding Steady... by Mary Pat FitzPatrick - Mind Body Solutions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.
Pose of the Month

Holding Steady… by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

In asana, we can feel movement in static poses and stillness in dynamic ones. The common denominator is the experience of an overall presence or a recognition of all the spaces in one’s body. We encourage harmony between those spaces. Through these poses, we steadily settle into ourselves, embracing constancy. Anyone who has practiced yoga alongside Sammy (pictured) has felt her steadying influence. We’ve enjoyed her dimpled smile and felt the serene spirit that surrounds her. Sammy has taught us two important “steadying” lessons: how to “be with” what we cannot control and how to remain unfazed by what we cannot know. Time after time, Sammy has opened her heart to the MBS community. With kindness and patience, she has shown us how to receive, how to be authentically grounded in one’s body, and how to be open to a world of possibilities.  


(Pictured) Sammy partnering with Mind Body Solutions Advanced Studies students, learning together about being authentic, balanced, and steadfast.