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Gratitude Journal – The Beauty of Yoga by Mary Higgs

Reflecting on this month’s theme of gratitude, I immediately recall the many wonderful yogis I’ve met along this incredible path and am immediately filled with gratitude.

And I feel immense gratitude for my yoga practice and the countless lessons yoga has offered and continues to offer.

Yoga continues to teach me how to be present and fully live in the moment. Each pose, movement, or breath, offers the opportunity to embrace what’s revealed. Sometimes, we feel struggle. Sometimes, we feel ease. Either way, yoga reveals the truth of who we are. It connects us with our inner wisdom.

Yoga has been nothing short of life-changing for me. My path has been a whole body journey towards self-acceptance. Consequently, yoga revealed parts of myself I thought I lost after surviving a life-altering car accident when I was 19 years old. Doctors said I wouldn’t walk again. For a former dancer, this felt like torture. At times, I thought my life was over.

Before my yoga practice, I thought I had to grit my way through physical challenges. Once I experienced yoga and began customizing poses for my body, this mind and body reconnection helped me trust my inner wisdom on a deeper level. Discovering yoga brought me back into my body in a new way. I began to find ease and trust what organically unfolded.

Learning to listen to our bodies is a lesson I share with my yoga students. I realize everyone’s path to yoga is different. I also realize our individual practices are unique. But, in these realizations, I also know yoga is a beautiful gift. It’s available to anyone no matter size, physical challenge or ability. To that end, if we keep our practice simple, listen to our bodies, and remain open and vulnerable, the answers will be revealed.

As my yoga journey continues to evolve – nothing is lost. Everything is fuel for growth. I have much hope for the future. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from Mind Body Solutions (MBS). I loved working with MBS faculty member and adaptive teacher Mary Pat FitzPatrick on my Opening Yoga Instructor (OYI) certificate. It was a wonderful life-enriching experience. Completing OYI expanded my knowledge and improved my skills, but more importantly, it created space to serve students in a new way.

Thank you, Matthew, Mary Pat, and MBS for inspiring us to learn and grow. I’m honored and humbled to be part of the MBS tribe.

Mary Higgs is a graduate of Opening Yoga Level I/II, an Opening Yoga Instructor (OYI), and also participated in our very first Body. Mind. Story. workshop in 2016. Learn more about Mary and her offerings on her website,