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Altered Aesthetics by Becca Cerra, MBS volunteer and Opening Yoga grad

For the past several years, interdisciplinary artist Becca Cerra, a loyal MBS volunteer and Opening Yoga grad, has dedicated herself to creating Altered Aesthetics, a project that was unveiled in September 2018 and is receiving great press including in the Mankato Free Press, and Amplitude Magazine. Below, Becca explains more about the project and how you can see her work.

This project really comes down to what model Daniel Jensen said, “The human body is this incomprehensible work of art – which I think most of us take for granted.”

Altered Aesthetics explores beauty within disabled bodies. Collaborating with four people with amputations, I have created wearable sculptures that wrap around and extend from their residual limbs to create artistic expressions. My unique sculptural (nonmedical and nonfunctional) “prosthetics” are visual homages to the body’s story. They transform the wearers’ bodies into works of art and challenge limiting beliefs they and others may hold.

Most conversations about disabilities are fraught with misinformation, stigma, and limiting perceptions. Through this project, I aim to shatter these beliefs, educate the public, and empower individuals living with disabilities.

I really had no idea what to expect when I started this project two years ago. I have been blown away by the overwhelming support I have received. I ran a GoFund Me campaign to raise the necessary money to create the work. One of the best parts of that campaign is that it was shared all over social media and people from around the world have been reaching out to share their excitement for the project with me.

Once I installed the initial exhibition at Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center in mid-September, I was immediately invited to show the work at other galleries and more and more people have been contacting me to find out about the project.

Readers can see the work on my website: There is a link there to an artist talk and Q&A session in which I talk about the inspiration for the project and how I made it. I’ve been sharing photos and updates about the project via my social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

My hope is to keep sharing this work for many more people to see. Though I reside in Minnesota, I want this work to reach a national, and even global, audience. If there is somewhere you’d like to see this work exhibited, please feel free to contact me via the website or social media channels listed above.