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From the Accessible Yoga Blog: Alzheimer’s Disease & Yoga by Carey Sims

We love this recently published piece by Opening Yoga graduate, Carey Sims, on Alzheimer’s Disease and Yoga. The article was originally published by our friends over at Accessible Yoga, whose mission is to make yoga available to all by building a strong network and advocating for a diverse Yoga culture that is inclusive and welcoming. The following is a brief excerpt of Carey’s article:

I teach Chair Yoga to seniors. Students of different shapes, sizes, and mobility levels come to class with their canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. Some are blind and others hard of hearing, but many have a less visible disability—Alzheimer’s disease. I smile, learn their names, and listen to their stories. Presence is my first and most important tool as a yoga teacher… Click here to read the rest.