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A few of our favorite things | November 2019

We asked our MBS community…”What experiences, poems, videos, articles, books or paintings remind you of the sensation of gratitude?  Here’s what they shared…
“The Guest House” by Rumi, sent to us from the lovely Leslie Waugh’s collection of favorites. We thought you might like this little video too…

From our Tribe…


My favorite poem: “I can’t teach you what you don’t know. But what you don’t know can be happening. What is happening might be more profound than what you know. Cultivate the happening.”  ~Prashant Iyengar. I could tell a whole story on this but in essence it teaches me to trust and feel my inner knowing and “know” there is so much more than what I can physically see and touch. I have this poem on my fridge and embody it daily. It always makes me smile and feel deeply; which to me speaks natural gratitude!

Of course I am thankful for my friends, family and my consistent yoga practice which keeps me calm, grounded and better able to trust and allow.

My favorite thing is sinking into deep relaxation lying on an air mattress on the lake on a warm, humid (85 degrees plus), sunny day.  ~ Christine Paul


Hearing the Star Spangled Banner  ~ Mary Pat FitzPatrick


I just saw Steel Magnolias at the Guthrie.  The women who frequent this small rural Southern beauty salon love, nurture and support each other through everything that life can throw at them.  It made me smile  and reflect upon my own network of women friendships and how filled with gratitude that these women are in my life.  ~ Kathy Dahl


The Summer Day  by Mary Oliver never fails to bring tears to my eyes. It reminds me to pay attention to the little things – and it really is as simple as noticing the beauty all around me and feeling blessed to be a part of this grand world.  ~ Amy Samson Burke


I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that I have had to travel from South Africa to Minneapolis to learn from Matt, Amy and the Amazing MBS Team. You have all inspired the work I do here in South Africa 🇿🇦 My dream of making yoga available to persons with disability in SA would not have come true without you all. ❤️  ~ Dale Guthrie

I am grateful for the light that has enlightened my (long sought) way of yoga guide, on the road of yoga guidance to children with severely handicap children 💜I feel so much connected to my essence and intuitively inspired since then. 🙏 #mercilavie  ~ Christine Levrot