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A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few Of Our Favorite Things | February 2019

Maybe you’re dreaming of travel because you’re experiencing the polar vortex. Or, perhaps you’re longing for a sense of adventure and renewed perspective. Whether you travel hundreds of miles or to your favorite armchair with a good book, there are many ways we can “travel” and experience the benefit of new perspectives. Here are a handful of recommendations from the MBS staff to dig into.


Kathy Dahl narrowed down some of her favorite travel-related reads to these two:

Slow Train to Switzerland by Diccon Bewes, a captivating account of two trips through the Alps 150 years apart.
Sand in my Bra edited by Jennifer Leo, a collection of travel stories from 29 women and their misadventures.


Kathy also recommends “The Way” with Martin Sheen, a film about a father who travels to Spain to recover the remains of his son who died while traveling El Camino de Santiago (“The Camino”) and decides to take the pilgrimage himself to better understand his son’s motivations. You can currently rent the film through Amazon.


Through random internet searches, Bethany Hutchinson came across some fascinating data and list of the food aboard the Titanic. She says, “I just can’t imagine how long it must have taken to load all this stuff up!” Take a look and imagine being part of the crew responsible for getting all of this onboard.


Bethany also shared her favorite poem by Walt Whitman that’s a beautiful reflection on travel. Read it here.