Meet our LttE Ambassadors - Mind Body Solutions
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.

Meet our Living 'til the End Ambassadors...


Mary Pat FitzPatrick

“We’re all just walking each other home.”  – Ram Dass.  I have long been moved by this quote. My life has been deeply touched by the experience of caring for and “walking” with loved ones, providing company as they experience the depths of the life cycle and sharing mind-body practices with them. I have learned so much about those practices through my inclusion in the MBS community. I am honored by the opportunity to embrace these lessons and to share humanity with those who are moving toward the end of life and living with serious chronic illnesses, and those who provide care for them.



Jennie Ross

I am grateful to be part of the Living ‘Til the End team.  I see this program as another opportunity to explore with our student-partners ways of being fully present during the ever-changing conditions of our bodies and our minds.  I look forward to sharing and exploring yoga and meditation/mindfulness practices, as ways of connecting with our experience and with each other.





Jake Gau

As I walked around yoga class greeting everyone, a wise student once asked me, “Where do you get your spirit?” The ease of my answer surprised me: my grandparents. They have been an essential part of my four-year journey with Mind Body Solutions. During the recent passing of my grandfather Mel, I shared the simple mind-body practices of Mind Body Solutions with him and our family. I am a Mind-Body Ambassador because I want everyone to have this opportunity to experience living ‘til the end.”


Amy Samson-Burke

Simple mind-body practices, shared together, are a source of healing for all of us. Many things are uncertain when one is living with a serious or life-threatening condition. But one thing I know is clear; that human connection is possible. The Living ‘til the End Program allows me to share what I love and find connection with people even in the most difficult of times. And with that connection, something inside us opens. It is an honor to do this work and walk alongside people at every stage of living.



Christine Paul

Life is sacred in every moment but not always easy. I’ve been blessed to have felt the softness that can flow through bodies and ease the mind during stages of life that can bring feelings of fear, uncertainty as well as joy. These shared experiences allow me to understand from a deep level what an honor it is to have the opportunity to share mind-body practices allowing the essence of you to know it is fully alive. I’m excited to be part of the Living Till the End team! I’d love the opportunity to share with you and explore humanity through the integration of mind and body!



Molly Bachman

Sharing the life-giving practices of yoga with another person is quite simply, a gift. This gift becomes a profound privilege when shared during the final stages of life. I’ve felt this privilege deeply and know firsthand how beautiful and difficult moments can be felt and how life can be lived fully ’til the end. I am humbled and grateful to share time, space, movement, and life with others through this program.



Rob Ley

I’m no yoga instructor, but I’ve been an adaptive student for nearly a decade. I jumped into Living ‘Til the End to share some of the mind-body practices that have enhanced my journey since my own near-death experience. These benefits are more easily shared with others than articulated, but I’ve found them to be life-affirming. It will be an honor to share them.




Mike Lenarz

“In modern western societies, we cloak our fears and vulnerabilities by wrapping ourselves in details, rituals, appointments and to-do lists. Fully LTTE demands simplification; attention to the mind through breath, laughter, song, and story; attention to the body through grounding, expansion, boundaries, reference and focus. We all walk this path; it is better to walk together.”


Kathy Dahl

John O’Donohue remarks in his book “Anam Cara” that “It is an incredible privilege to be with someone who is making this journey into the eternal world……strive to be fully present to, with, and for the person who is going on the journey.”  I believe that it is a privilege and I believe that incorporating the principles of helping someone be fully connected to their body “til the end” speaks fully to this.