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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local adaptive yoga classes are available online.


Mind Body Solutions helps people of all abilities live better in their bodies. We believe everyone is capable of finding ease and relief within the body, regardless of their medical condition. It is with this simple truth that we bring you the Living ’til the End Program.

With the help of one of our Mind Body Ambassadors, we will develop simple mind-body practices that will bring greater comfort and relief to you as you navigate this difficult time of life.

This program is not only for those who are living with serious or life-threatening medical conditions but also for those who provide care for them. A mind-body practice is something that can be done individually or shared with others. It is not our intent to reverse your medical condition, but to walk with you on your journey, sharing the practices we love with you and others who care for you. Together we will develop ways of finding moments of relief and creating a sustainable practice for you.

And in this place, either individual or shared, healing can begin.


Please watch this 3-minute video describing our program through Mary’s story:




Our Living til the End team is a made up of Mind Body Ambassadors who have joined this program because of their deep and abiding belief in the healing power of connecting mind and body. Each also has direct experience with serious chronic illness and end of life care.

They will share with you simple mind-body practices that bring ease, comfort, and connection – practices that allow you to explore the basic sensations of rhythm, grounding, balance, and expansion. You won’t be expected to perform complex yoga poses, only to be present and willing to try.

Your Mind-Body Ambassador may provide handouts with some activities for you to try between your sessions or you may simply enjoy the practices together while he or she is with you.

At Mind Body Solutions, we are here to sit with you and together, work toward healing.





Please contact our program director Amy Samson-Burke:

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Giving & Receiving: A Partner Workshop for the Mind & Body

Join us on Friday, March 8 from 10:00-11:30 am at Gilda’s Club Twin Cities for a FREE workshop where we will explore simple practices based on yogic principles. Together we’ll learn how ease and connection can be found through supporting each other, sharing rhythm, and playfulness. Learn more and RSVP by calling (612) 227-2147 or view this flyer: GC March 2019 workshop flyer