Fundraising Tips and Ideas Header



Here are a few ideas to help get you started. Our goal is $60K this year – every dollar helps!


Set a Goal.  Donors LOVE to help fundraisers meet their mark.  Our average yogi raises $300 in the yogathon.  Try starting there! You can always raise your goal as the month progresses!


Make a list of potential donors. Start with your friends, family, and co-workers. Even think about local businesses that you visit and that might support you. Cafes, gyms, restaurants, bars, grocery stores…


Send an email to that list you created (tip: if sending one group email, bcc all of your recipients). If you have the time, consider sending individual messages and make your ask more personal.


Send a follow-up to those you don’t hear from after your first e-mail. People often intend to take action but forget. You’ll be surprised by the extra donations you’ll receive by sending a quick reminder.


Post about Kiss My Asana on social media and include a link to your fundraising page. Acknowledge and thank your donors by “tagging” them in follow-up posts which may inspire others to give!


Matching Gift?  Ask donors to check in with their workplace about matching gift programs. Mention this in a thank you note to your donor. Here’s a sample line you can use: “Want to double your donation? Check with your HR department to see if your employer offers a matching gift program.”


Host a party and ask guests to bring a suggested donation. As you mix and mingle, you can use this opportunity to share the MBS story, why you yogathon and thank your guests for supporting your efforts.


Candy, anyone?  Want a simple way to fundraise (and procrastinate at work?) Set out a bowl of wrapped candies along with a jar for loose change. Invite co-workers to put some change in your jar in exchange for a piece of candy. Talk to them about MBS and why you yogathon. They might even be inspired to give to your fundraising page.


Last but not least – HAVE FUN!