Intro to Iyengar – A Thursday Series 5:15 – 6:15pm

Series Starts February 2 th through March 16th (No class Thursday March 2nd)

Discover the benefits of yoga and what it can do for YOU!

Sign up now for the “Introductory to Iyengar Yoga” 6 week series.  This is meant for those of you who are either new to yoga or looking for a jump start to your practice.   It’s meant to be taken as a series as we will build on asanas (poses) each week, starting with beginning standing poses and moving on to seated poses, twists and forward extensions.  Iyengar yoga focuses on precision and alignment and with the use of props, makes asanas  (poses) available to everyone.

In the event you cannot make it to all 6 classes you will be given the option to attend one alternate class of your choice (see the MBS class schedule).

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Mona McNeelyMona McNeely

Mona is Iyengar Certified at the Introductory II level.  She believes whole heartedly in the benefits of yoga and is honored to share what she has learned from her teachers with her students.

“I did not have the chance to meet BKS Iyengar in person, but I know that I catch a glimpse of him every time I see his light shining in my teachers.  My hope is that I pass that light onto my students. Namaste!”

~ Mona.



Workshop Weekends with Mona and Tiffany

July 22-23, Nov 11-12, 1:00-3:00pm

July 22 & 23
FORWARD EXTENSIONS also known as Paschima Pratana Sthiti bring extension to the spine and stretch the backs of the legs. These poses aid digestion, stimulate the liver and kidney regions and remove fatigue. Forward bends soften the brain and cool the nervous system, bringing inner awareness and quietude. In this workshop we will work with fundamental movements to lengthen and deepen our standing forward bends and forward extension in seated poses. BACKBENDS also known as Purva Pratana Sthiti allow us to open our chest, bring energy to the body, and lighten our mood in a unique and invigorating way. Backbends are the opposite of how most of us spend our day; driving, sitting at computers, and bending to pick up this and that.  Backbends restore the balance in our bodies and minds. In this workshop we will open our chest, lengthen our torsos build strength in our upper and lower bodies while we move intelligently into our back bending practice. Props will be used to access the openness in backbends and support all levels of students.


November 11 & 12
INVERSIONS also known as Viparita Sthiti give us a new perspective from a place of stillness. Inversions are restful for the heart as the blood is flowing in the opposite direction. Inversions bring energy and focus as well as balance in the body and mind. Inversions carry a multitude of benefits to the body including the endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary, excretory and reproductive systems. In this workshop we will explore how to build the strength and courage necessary to be upside down in a safe and supported way. RESTORATIVE POSTURES also known as Vsranta Karaka Sthiti bring the body and mind into equilibrium and relaxation. Props are utilized to support the body and allow you to surrender to the pose and your breath. Restorative asanas bring a sense of relief and recuperation from stress, injury and fatigue.  There are times in life when we all need to relax and recover, in this workshop we will guide you through a restorative practice culminating with the beginning of pranayama breath work. You will learn ways to support yourself and deepen your practice.


$40 per session, or $70 for a full weekend 

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Mona McNeelyMona McNeeley

Mona McNeely is Iyengar Certified at the Introductory II level.   She took her first Iyengar class in 2004 at MBS and immediately became hooked.  She continues on the Iyengar teacher training track and takes yearly workshops with senior teachers. In addition to yoga, Mona spends her time knitting (a lot), spinning (a lot) and weaving the occasional rag rug. She is thankful to her family for supporting her passions. She is also thankful to her teachers, Momi Jhung and Matthew Sanford, for their continued patience and constant guidance on this yogic path.


tiffanyTiffany Bergin 

Tiffany grew up in Hawaii studying traditional Japanese martial arts and meditation.  She has always sought to help others and has held careers in behavioral health and education as well as veterinary care. She began studying different styles of yoga in her twenties and once she found the work of B.K.S Iyengar, she knew she had found the practice most aligned with her spirit. Tiffany is a certified Iyengar teacher at the Introductory II level. Tiffany is a devoted student and continues to dedicate much of her time to developing her practice. She enjoys attending weekly classes with her teachers as well as trainings and workshops with Senior Instructors in order to deepen her understanding of the Iyengar method. She teaches with care, enthusiasm and a true desire to help others develop awareness and find their own joy through the practice of yoga. Tiffany lives in Minnetrista with her husband, two young boys, dog and horses nearby.



Harmonizing the Body ~ with Jo Zukovich

May 5 – 7, 2017

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“Asanas help keep the body in harmony with nature….all the while increasing sensitivity.”

~ BKS Iyengar

I love the nature aspect of yoga. It is fascinating to me. We are all an integral part of nature and yet sometimes we forget. Many of the yoga postures were named after observations from nature, Vrksasana (tree pose), Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana (half moon), Garudasana (Eagle), Gomukhasana  (cow face), Ustrasana (camel) to name just a few. BSK Iyengar felt that the earth represented all that is practical, material, tangible and incarnate. It is the knowable world we humans explore through discovery and observation. Nature is full of variety and never static. We too are constantly changing and only by attending to the physical body can we deepen our spiritual lives. The physical body corresponds to the element of earth namely clay. By exploring the body we explore this element and start to develop the qualities of earth within ourselves: solidity, shape, firmness and strength.


JoGomu1Jo Zukovich has been practicing yoga since 1970. She began studying Iyengar yoga in 1980 and has been teaching since 1984, traveling to India to study directly with the Iyengar family.  Her dynamic and fun teaching style enables students of all abilities to reach new potentials and discover the joy of yoga. Join Jo for an enriching weekend exploring the concepts of stability and extension, moving from the basics, and moving deeper.  “Yoga is something that opens you to new experiences. The work may start physically, but travels to the mental and spiritual. It is with great gratitude for BKS Iyengar that I teach and practice. I hope we can all become more compassionate through the practice of yoga.” ~ Jo Zukovich