Iyengar Workshop Weekend with Mona and Tiffany
Nov 11-12, 1:00-3:00pm


November 11 & 12
INVERSIONS also known as Viparita Sthiti give us a new perspective from a place of stillness. Inversions are restful for the heart as the blood is flowing in the opposite direction. Inversions bring energy and focus as well as balance in the body and mind. Inversions carry a multitude of benefits to the body including the endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary, excretory and reproductive systems. In this workshop we will explore how to build the strength and courage necessary to be upside down in a safe and supported way. RESTORATIVE POSTURES also known as Vsranta Karaka Sthiti bring the body and mind into equilibrium and relaxation. Props are utilized to support the body and allow you to surrender to the pose and your breath. Restorative asanas bring a sense of relief and recuperation from stress, injury and fatigue.  There are times in life when we all need to relax and recover, in this workshop we will guide you through a restorative practice culminating with the beginning of pranayama breath work. You will learn ways to support yourself and deepen your practice.


$40 per session, or $70 for a full weekend 

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Mona McNeelyMona McNeeley

Mona McNeely is Iyengar Certified at the Introductory II level.   She took her first Iyengar class in 2004 at MBS and immediately became hooked.  She continues on the Iyengar teacher training track and takes yearly workshops with senior teachers. In addition to yoga, Mona spends her time knitting (a lot), spinning (a lot) and weaving the occasional rag rug. She is thankful to her family for supporting her passions. She is also thankful to her teachers, Momi Jhung and Matthew Sanford, for their continued patience and constant guidance on this yogic path.


tiffanyTiffany Bergin 

Tiffany grew up in Hawaii studying traditional Japanese martial arts and meditation.  She has always sought to help others and has held careers in behavioral health and education as well as veterinary care. She began studying different styles of yoga in her twenties and once she found the work of B.K.S Iyengar, she knew she had found the practice most aligned with her spirit. Tiffany is a certified Iyengar teacher at the Introductory II level. Tiffany is a devoted student and continues to dedicate much of her time to developing her practice. She enjoys attending weekly classes with her teachers as well as trainings and workshops with Senior Instructors in order to deepen her understanding of the Iyengar method. She teaches with care, enthusiasm and a true desire to help others develop awareness and find their own joy through the practice of yoga. Tiffany lives in Minnetrista with her husband, two young boys, dog and horses nearby.