Beyond Disability

A Yoga Practice with Matthew Sanford

Beyond Disability, A Yoga Practice with Matthew Sanford illustrates the wisdom of Matthew Sanford’s teaching in this full-length seated yoga practice for people of all abilities. Practice along with Matthew and his students as they guide the viewer through chapters introducing seated centering, grounding, balance, rhythm and balanced relaxation, allowing viewers to participate in one section at a time or enjoy the practice in its entirety.

This DVD includes optional subtitles for those with hearing impairment. 56 minutes.

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Transforming Disability

Inspirational Video, Audio Exercises & Booklet

Transforming Disability: A Mind-Body Approach provides an introduction to a mind-body practice for the person living with a disability. A 13-minute inspirational video illustrates how a mind-body practice can transform the experience of living with a disability. Three audio imagery exercises and a booklet illustrating 5 exercises provide a starting point for developing a mind-body practice.

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