Pose of the Month

Each month we explore asana, yogic principles, and other aspects from our teachings.

Viparita Karani: Altering Our Outlook by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

Do you love living in a constant state of being switched on or the sound of your cell phone regularly chiming with notifications? Perhaps you can’t turn away from the news reports of once-inconceivable events emerging on a daily basis or you love the feeling of tensing up and being on high alert… if this is… Read More

Transition with Grounded and Renewed Energy

This month’s Pose of the Month is a three-for-one deal! As we all begin to look ahead to the new year, we’re thinking about transitioning and how we can move through changes, whether it’s the beginning of a new year or otherwise, with grace, comfort and ease. It’s always important to pay attention to your… Read More

Gratitude Journal – The Beauty of Yoga by Mary Higgs

Reflecting on this month’s theme of gratitude, I immediately recall the many wonderful yogis I’ve met along this incredible path and am immediately filled with gratitude. And I feel immense gratitude for my yoga practice and the countless lessons yoga has offered and continues to offer. Yoga continues to teach me how to be present… Read More

Being Present With Fear by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

Fear, the Buddhists teach us, is the cause of much of our individual and societal unhappiness. It may restrict us from doing things we would like to do and from saying things we feel we should say. It may keep us from standing up for ourselves or others. Our fears are legitimate. We may be afraid… Read More

Where Do Stories Reside in the Body? by Kathy Dahl

We know that stories affect us deeply. Often we are moved to tears or laughter when hearing or reading a story.  We know that we carry the stories of our lives deep inside of us. So where do these stories actually reside?  When we step onto our mats, how can we best access the stories… Read More

Receive and Restore by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

It’s summertime (here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!) which means it’s the best time to carve out time for fun, rest and relaxation. In our newsletter this month, the Pose of the Month is Receive and Restore. Read on to see what MBS yoga teacher, MaryPat FitzPatrick has to say about this pose…  “Nothing can… Read More

Pose of the Month: Grandpasana by Mary Pat FitzPatrick

What do you get when you have a mound of: many toes teasing, seats setting, hands holding, fingers framing, muscles melting, skin softening, spines shifting, hearts heaving, eyes enlivening, and even a nookie nudging? We call it Grandpasana! To help practice this very important pose with the grandkids, we share with you the Universal Principles of… Read More