A Few of Our Favorite Things

Explore our favorite books, videos, articles, quotes, and anything else that has caught our attention lately.

A Few of Our Favorite Things | December 2018

Looking for some good books to give to someone on your Christmas list or simply pass the time on these winter days (or beach days if you’re somewhere sunny and warm)? This month we went to our Opening Yoga graduates to find out what they’re reading and did they ever deliver! Check out the wide variety of… Read More

A Few of Our Favorite Things | November 2018

This month we’re not only thinking about gratitude but also about the dedicated men and women that have served our country – past and present. To start, we’d love to share this poem that was brought to our attention by Kay Bauer, longtime MBS yoga student and retired nurse who served a total of thirty-five years… Read More

A Few of Our Favorite Things | October 2018

It’s that time of year when the grocery store dedicates whole aisles to fun-size candy bars and other treats for costumed revelers who will soon come knocking and ringing your doorbell. It’s a month of haunted houses, spooky night time hay rides, and that silly decoration of a witch running into a wall. It’s a month dedicated… Read More

A Few of Our Favorite Things | September 2018

It began as a simple request and question: “What have you read, watched, or heard lately that’s caught your attention?” When asked this, the MBS team went deep… Our fearless founder and leader, Matthew Sanford, kicked things off with something he heard from a MIT Biologist on an episode of Radiolab. Matthew explains, “Based on the… Read More